When exact is the only option

What we do

Audit Intelligence provides full documentary reviews and audits of company loans and mortgages.
Our unique service is essential to verifying correct contract terms have been adhered to and the correct payments have been charged.
Using artificial intelligence and a unique algorithm, we quickly and accurately analyse borrower data.
Our algorithm compares what the borrower has paid to what they should have paid.
Therefore we can establish errant interest charges and payments, challenging compliance to the terms that were agreed.

Key Features

Audit Intelligence has a range of key features, including the higher accuracy of business loan auditing within tight deadlines that is made possible by modern developments in financial technology.
Audit Intelligence also provides a report that can be understood by all the business’ key stakeholders, leading to greater understanding of the finances and reassurance among investors and employees alike. 
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As well as consuming valuable time, this is a complicated task, especially when interest rates are variable.
Furthermore, it is not normal accounting practice to check that interest rate charges are correct or that the payments reflect the contract.
Audit Intelligent can quickly and accurately assess any business loan or mortgage, allowing business owners and accountants to review their loans and ensure the lender has respected the terms of the contract.

 How We Work

Audit Intelligence uses unique software and processes that can achieve complex work in a fraction of the time and to a higher degree of accuracy.
What was once a copious manual task can now be conducted in moments by leading edge technology.
Our team of auditeers then review the report to ensure it is representative of the data provided. We only need you or your accountant to provide the right documents.

 Why Audit Intelligence?

Business owners spend copious amounts of time managing their company’s financial information.
Loans are often complicated especially when interest rates are variable.
Accountants and auditors do not routinely check loan terms or whether correct payments have been demanded and paid.
By using the systems, abilities and skills of Audit Intelligence any loan or mortgage interest-bearing asset can be assessed.
Our external interest audit allows business owners to review whether their interest-bearing financial instruments adhere to the contract and the law. 
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When exact is the only option

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