Audits Process

Accuracy at speed

We save businesses time and money.
Our unique software and processes can achieve complex work in a fraction of the time and to a higher degree of accuracy compared to any other auditor.
Our accuracy can prove human and computer errors that may have affected your rate of interest and resulted in incorrect charges.
Begin by uploading copies of all paperwork to our website and submitting your application. We undertake the audit and return the results to you.

 Documents Required

We ask you for primary loan documents in order to begin our audit.
We require all documents held in file regarding the relevant loan.
This includes a loan contract/offer, account statements and a .CSV or MS Excel file that includes all debits and credits relating to the loan.
We also require a signed contract between Audit Intelligence and the client company, as well as a signed letter of authority to request missing documents from your lender.

 Behind the Scenes

Once we have received your loan documents, we are able to undertake the audit using our unique algorithmic based calculation and assessment tool.
Calculations relating to the loan are made using the account statements provided.
Interest is initially excluded from consideration and recalculated.
Advances, capitalisations and allowable charges are summed, as are payments.
If the output shows the debtor is in credit, they have made overpayments.


Our fees are:
£850.00 for loans or mortgages up to £250k.
£1,300.00 for loans or mortgages from £250k to £500k.
£1,800.00 for loans or mortgages from £500k to £1m.
£2,500.00 for loans or mortgages above £1m.

We’re about answers

If you have any questions about our services, auditing your finances or working in partnership, we’re happy to answer them. Simply use the details below to get in touch.

If you want to submit a loan for audit, or send us documents you can use our application form here.


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Our phones are open:

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm GMT

Trading Address:

21:1 Coda Studios

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