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Part of the Fintech Revolution
Financial Technology (shortened into FinTech by the media) is having a revolutionary impact on businesses. At Audit Intelligence, we stay true to the meaning of this word. FinTech defines businesses that are using algorithmically based big data tools and other technology to disrupt the traditional financial marketplace with products that are faster, more accurate and more user-accessible than before. What we do in short is, using up-to-date technology, enable our clients to receive a Full Audit with greater speed, accuracy and completeness than when the process was by hand.
Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
We utilise our own algorithmically based artificially intelligent software tools to investigate the innermost workings of business loans and business mortgages. These tools evaluate loans documents and conduct their own calculations within minutes, compared to many hours for a human auditor.
The modern-day definition of professional is to operate at a high level of excellence and competence, delivering a clear, cost effective service to clients efficiently and transparently. It is key to all our team that we represent ourselves and our clients in the very best way possible. Providing professional service is core to our beliefs and culture. We believe that every person we meet is important and is always handled with that at the front of our mind.
Using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, we have automated processes that were previously managed manually. We can convert paper held information to electronic formats and then provide deep data investigation which gives the business user knowledge within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks using conventional methods. This is a key feature of the process. We use the data to hand at the business in our calculation process and can therefore undertake the recalculation of the loan or mortgage within agreed deadlines.
The Full Audit Report is easy to navigate and to the point. There are considerable data sets to be reviewed, as many as 750 pages of information; offers, rates, rate changes, statements, correspondence and contact data, amongst other relevant information.
The Audit covers the following potential points of difference:
  1. Interest charging accuracy
  2. Application and accuracy of other charges
  3. Statutory interest on any overpayments
  4. Total quantum of overpayment
  5. Interest rates schedule
Directors, Business Unit Managers and Budget Holders, all armed with the Full Audit Report can have peace of mind with a full understanding and conviction when reporting at board meetings. The Full Audit Report ensures that:  
  • If the Audit Report shows that the loan or mortgage is accurate and correct, then the leadership group can be assured that they are budgeting and fully compliance to the terms of the loan.
  • If the Audit Report shows error or omission the leadership group can decide how errors can be fixed.
Human Intervention
Despite the core work being undertaken by our algorithms and intelligent systems, we review all loans and mortgages using the cognisance of our ‘Auditeers’. The team of highly trained and skilled individuals take the intelligent system produced output and ensure that the Full Audit Report is representative of the data provided.
The calculation system we have is recognised by actuaries and forensic accountants. We are proud of our reputation for attention to detail as that has underlined the accuracy of the systems and methodologies that we use.   We forensically investigate and use the data from statements, contracts and supporting documentation to produce a Full Audit Report of that data. The outcome delivers knowledge, enablement and power to the key people in the company, whether stakeholders, directors or the accounting team. Ensuring knowledge as to whether compliance requirements are being met and whether the company has been paying the right amounts.
Mortgage and loan contractual terms and interest payments can be very complicated to understand and therefore without great understanding of financial law, contractual agreements and mathematical computations there is room for error or omission. Audit Intelligence extracts pertinent facts and produces financial reports that can be understood by business managers without special legal or financial knowledge and skills. Audit Intelligence reports provide narrative to explain the contents and process to guide the reader through the loan agreement and any potential remediation that maybe needed.
We make the complex simple. Each section is laid out so that with a calculator and armed with the relevant section of the offer or statements, simple mathematics shows the accuracy of our calculations.
We understand that handling the mechanisms that assist in the generation of wealth for any business is sensitive. To handle this crucial data and information our systems and procedures must be intelligent as must our teams. We operate a process of continual improvement, this demands intelligent behaviour. We believe this is a cornerstone of our success.
Finally, the creation of an experienced, multi-disciplined team is at the core of our working practices. Whether part of our company, client, supplier, partner or associate, we adopt a supportive and team orientated perspective.

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