Key Features

Our calculation system is recognised by actuaries and forensic accountants.

Our intelligent algorithms investigate and use statement data, contracts and supporting documentation to produce a Full Audit Report of that data.

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence, we have automated processes that were previously managed manually.

Therefore we undertake recalculation of the loan or mortgage speedily and within agreed deadlines.

Our report outlines the results of our audit.

Because it’s informative and clear, it can be presented to all business stakeholders.

The report is also verifiable, meaning we show our workings and, if you wish, all calculations can be re-checked using a calculator.

A report is included with every audit.

The audit covers the following potential points of difference:

– Interest charging accuracy

– Application and accuracy of other charges

– Statutory interest on any overpayments

– Total quantum of overpayment

– Interest rates schedule

Stakeholder, Director and Accounting Knowledge

We forensically investigate and use the data from statements, contracts and supporting documentation to produce a Full Audit Report of that data.

The outcome delivers knowledge, enablement and power to the key people in the company, whether stakeholders, directors or the accounting team.

 Artificial Intelligence

We utilise unique software tools to investigate the innermost workings of business loans and mortgages.

Our software is proprietary, meaning it is unique and custom-made. It is also algorithmically based and artificially intelligent.

This is what makes us fast, accurate and reliable and distinguishes us from traditional auditing firms.


Finally, the creation of an experienced, multi-disciplined team is at the core of our working practices.
Whether part of our company, client, supplier, partner or associate, we always adopt a supportive and team orientated perspective. 

You can meet our team by clicking the button below, or contact us to find out for yourself.

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